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Post-it® Digital Notes

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José Fernández Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 4.4
Post-It Digital Notes is a great notes system for Windows. Post-it is the brand of those usually yellow sticky notes that you put on the fridge when you want to remind your significant other to get some milk at the supermarket.
Well, now, you can have digital notes flying around your system with important reminders. When you download this application, it will download some more content, and then proceed to the final installation. After the application is installed, adding notes is as easy as simply clicking the new note button and writing the text that you want in it. After that, the note will just stick to your wallpaper and you can access them by double clicking an icon in your taskbar. This application also comes with an alarm feature, that allows you to set up events. Post-it digital notes can be a good way to organize yourself, but it can probably annoy you as well. The application functions as it is supposed to, but in the process, it slows down your system and adds icons and buttons everywhere, which off course you might be able to remove.


  • It allows you to create notes and alarms.


  • It slows down your system.
  • Vista comes with a note gadget included that works really well.

What's new in version 5.2

- Runnable under multiple login id's using Windows Switch-user option
- Bookmark compatibility with Firefox 5.0
- Bookmark compatibility with Internet Explorer 9
- Miscellaneous bug fixes including but not limited to:
- Black Drag in Vista and Win7
- Flashing desktop icons when moving or deleting note
- Alarm validation, notification, and snooze
- Receive notes with Alarms and 'Always on top' status

Publisher's description

Just upgraded (should say downgraded) to V. Update deleted ALL of my notes and ALL of my memoboards. The Data file - PDNDB according to the "Help" screens - was in such an obscure place. And now the new version does not even create that particular data file. Am able to save the one memo board and the test note I placed on it, but notes on the desktop disappear into a cyberspace black hole of some sort.

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